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Meet the new Board Members of OBESSU!

The last General Assembly of OBESSU held in Vienna on the 9th-10th August 2014 elected three new Board Members of the platform that, together with Luke Shore, will be the Board for the next two years. Do you want to know who are Oona, Giuseppina and Brendan? We’ve asked them to present themselves:

OonaOona Heiska

I’m Oona, a 19-year old student from Finland but currently living in Sweden for university. I have been involved in school student activism for over 4 years now and decided to work further and now got the chance to do it in the Board of OBESSU. The past few years I’ve had the privilege to work on international affairs in my home organisation Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto (SLL) in Finland. During my years attending OBESSU events and being a part of a working group made me strive for more. Student representation and youth politics have been close to my heart for a long time now, and I hope to get to continue this interest during my years in the OBESSU Board. I’m a nerd when it comes to finances and economics and addicted to coffee (like all Finns I suppose). I’d like to change the world one deed at a time. I am so excited to give my all for this amazing organisation for the next couple of years.

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How to start summing up two full years as a Board Member of OBESSU?

Board 2012-2014The mandate of these five long-serving school student activists started in early summer 2012 when a new OBESSU Board was elected. We had a hard act to follow and were, of course, full of ideas on how to strengthen the platform, on what should be introduced, what should be changed.

What has been achieved?

OBESSU has sharpened its profile over the last two years. We have grown as a platform by accepting new Candidate Organisations from Romania, Luxembourg and Czech Republic and strengthening OBESSU’s work in school student structure development, conducting study visits focused on improving the movement and widening the membership of the platform. Read more »

EU Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving: Video of the Final Report

The Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving was initiated by the European Commission and brought together Member States and stakeholders such as OBESSU in order to produce policy recommendations for bringing the rate of early school leaving (ESL) down to 10% or below by the year 2020. The final report with policy recommendations was presented in November 2013 and now the Commission has produced a video (link) with key messages from the report. It is noticeable that several of OBESSU’s proposed amendments, many of them focusing on creating an inclusive learning environment and to listen to the voices of young people, are included in the report. Read more »

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