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Study Session – Bringing Human Right Education to School: preparations up and running!

team 2During the weekend of the 30-31 January 2016, OBESSU held the preparatory team meeting for the upcoming Study Session “Bringing Human Rights Education to School” that will be organised in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary, from the 23rd April to the 1st May 2016. Read more »

Ela is the new OBESSU’s Secretary General: welcome in OBESSUland!

Ela 2Starting 1st February 2016, OBESSU welcomes the new Secretary General. Originally from Poland, Ela Jakubek was working as an international freelance trainer in the youth sector for the last four years, and previously she was a Project Officer and Volunteering Programme Manager for a development cooperation NGO in Kraków, Poland. Over the last three years she has been managing a network of cultural organisations in Poland – an experience she will be happy to use in her new challenge in OBESSU. Read more »

Goodbye from Rasmus!

RasmusOBESSU’s Secretary General Rasmus will leave OBESSU after working here for 2.5 years. He will be replaced by Ela Jakubek, who will introduce herself in an article early next week. But right now, we have a few questions for Rasmus before he leaves us.

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