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International Students’ Day

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 On the 17th of November the International Students’ Day is celebrated.
This year is no different.
We hereby invite all students to take action on this day and be a part of the international student movement!

Read the Global Call for Action, sign it writing to and take action on social media using the hashtags #access4all, #StudentWelfare and #17now!


During late 1939 the Nazi occupants in the Czechoslovakia (at that time it was called the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia), in Prague, suppressed a demonstration held by students of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University. The demonstration was held to commemorate the creation of an independent Czechoslovak Republic.

This demonstration resulted in the student Jan Opletal’s death. On the 15th of November, his funeral procession was attended by thousands of fellow students, who turned this event to yet another anti-Nazi demonstration. This resulted in drastic measures being taken by the Nazis. All Czech higher education institutions were closed down; more than 1200 students were taken and sent to concentration camps, and the most hideous crime of all: nine students were executed without trial on the 17th of November. To commemorate those tragic events, the date of 17th November has been chosen to be the International Students’ Day.

To learn more about the history of 17th of November click here.


What did YOU do on 17th of November? We are curious to know!

Share your actions and activities with OBESSU by sending us ( an article explaining what you did on International Students’ Day this year. If you can, do not forget to add some cool photos! We will give visibility at European level to your initiative!

An overview of what happened around Europe will be shared with everyone through a special article dedicated solely to the International Day of Students. This way you will get the chance to inspire other European activist and get inspired for next year!


Last but not least, don’t forget what has already been done for school student rights!

In July 2006 the General Assembly of OBESSU held in Ohrid, Macedonia, adopted the Declaration of School Student Rights.

OBESSU had campaign “Light on the Rights” implemented Europe-wide to raise awareness about the rights of school students. In 2010 we drove 10.000 km through 15 countries with the Lights on the Rights Bus Tour! Watch the “Light on the rights” documentary which gives you an insight into school student activism and the fight for school student rights.

For any question or comment, do not hesitate to contact the OBESSU Board at!

 We are looking forward to your actions!


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