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by Sarah Dejaegher

SUS logs out, comes back to reality and gets media coverage!

The international day without internet is ‘celebrated’ since 2001 thanks to the Global Ideas Bank which came up with this event. Internet users are encouraged to avoid  internet on the last Sunday in January.  This year, on 29th of January, OBESSU’s Slovakian member organisation Stredoškolská študentská únia Slovenska (SUS) supported this event with a campaign which was promoted on SUS’s website, magazine and on Facebook.

Trying to make it easier for its participants, this event is always on Sunday, as internet became essential for work and studying. The internet-free day is not against internet. We spend the day without internet to realise the importance and power of

SUS received much media attention for this campaign, especially news portals were interested; explanations and invitations to join us were published on more than 10 news websites and 2 radio channels. As it is hard to get media coverage in Slovakia, SUS was very happy and hopes that next year more and more people will join and spend the day without internet with a book, their family and friends or in the nature.

Follow these links to see SUS’ campaign covered by Slovakian media:

Written by Daša Koribaničová (SUS)

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