Were you there when OBESSU was established in 1975? Were you a board member in the 90s? Do you remember what school students of Europe wanted in 2005? Did you work in the office at Flagey that nobody remembers anymore? Or were you in any of the working groups, monitoring committee or did you represent your national organisation in OBESSU? Are you still interested in School Student Movement and do you want to contribute somehow? Great!  Then make sure you register as an OBESSU alumna/us!

Even if you have registered some years ago, please re-register to remain in the network. We would like to know what is your knowledge and expertise that you would be happy to share with OBESSU.  

In 2019, we will include Alumni network in our project Stronger School Student Unions and thanks to this simple mapping, we will be able to contact you directly in case we need some input instead of spamming the whole network with unnecessary emails and calls.  And you never know what happens after 2019!

If you do want to be informed about what is going on in OBESSU but do not want to be part of the alumni network (therefore you will not be asked to contribute to any processes or events and will not be invited to any events that might be of your interest) you can always register for our monthly newsletter if you do not receive it yet.

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