Comité des Elèves Francophones (CEF)
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CEF was founded in November 2005 by secondary students from Liège (Belgium). These students shared the following common objectives: to tackle problems connected with secondary education; to develop democracy in schools; and to ‘open’ schools to society. For these three reasons, they decided to create a school student union. At the beginning, this union was named CEL (Comité des Elèves Liégeois) and was only active on the Liège region. But quickly, they decided to move to a next level, representing all the school student organisations of the French speaking Community of Belgium, having a grater and real impact on the Educational System in Belgium. CEL became CEF, which stands for Comité des Élèves Francophones (French speaking students Committee). CEF is a non-profit association and since 2011 it is officially recognised as Youth Organisation by the French Speaking Community.

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