Danske Gymnasieelevers Sammenslutning (DGS)
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When founded in 1965, DGS was an organisation with left-wing politics, primarily characterised by extra parliamentarian work. Repeatedly, throughout the 20th century, DGS faced challenges, and the organisation was not fully re-energised until the early 21st century. Especially the criticism of DGS’ project of solidarity, Operation Dagsværk, alongside with a counteracting government and other opposing youth organisations challenged DGS during the first three decades of the organisation’s existence.
However, this was the first hesitant beginning of a flourishing organisation. In 2005 DGS merged with the right-wing opponent and the party-political agenda became progressively smaller. At the same time, the membership numbers were increasing and the variety of students represented was increased as the organisation expanded its interface to other educational institutions (HF and IB, while formerly only STX).
Therefore, within half a century DGS has developed from a minor left-wing organisation into a wide-ranging organisation, representing a broader group of students.

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