Union Nationale des Etudiant-e-s du Luxembourg (UNEL)
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At the beginning, UNEL served as an Umbrella Organisation of Luxembourgish Student Unions. In the 50´s and 60´s, the main focus lay on social and student orientated topics such as: student aid system, student accommodation, democratisation of the educational system, abolishment of compulsory military service, etc.
Due to intern discrepancies the umbrella organisation was split up and during the year 1977, UNEL managed to form an independent student organisation. In the 1990´s, school students were integrated into the organisation and the European Student Unions (ESU) membership was acquired.
Since then, UNEL supported, initialised and participated in many campaigns such as: demonstration against war in Iraq in 2003, campaign about regulations concerning student jobs “5611” in 2006, initialising one of the biggest school students/students strike in Luxembourg in 2014 against the new student aid reform and many more…

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