Türkiye Öğrenci Senatosu (TÖS)
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The Senate of Students of Turkey is the only school student union in Turkey. It was founded in 11 July 2018 by Zana Gümüş, Muhammet Yasin Edemen, Orhun Akdağ and other students from different schools. The Senate represents and defends the rights of school students in Turkey and aims to improve the Turkish educational system. The Senate has many representatives in Turkey and it is largely spread. 

Since it was founded, The Senate organised many events for school students like workshops, conferences and contests. The Senate also prepared an education report with the helpt of representatives all over the country and presented it to political parties. The report was an overview of the educational problems in Turkey and solutions and desires of school students. After that, The Senate became one of the most important youth organisations in the country and started to work with municipalities for educational policies.

The Senate is growing day by day and it aims to improve the educational system in Turkey. 


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