Documents in OBESSU Declarations
Europe Needs Us - A School Student Manifesto towards the upcoming European Parliament Elections (6-9/06/2024)
Empowering youth and amplifying their voices is fundamental to rejuvenating our democracies and driving higher voter turnout. Active youth participation is pivotal in shaping the legitimacy and future of our democratic institutions. As we stand at a critical juncture, it is imperative to recognise the significance of youth engagement. The demands and measures outlined, represent OBESSU’s manifesto to the incoming European Parliament taking place between the 6th and 9th of June 2024.
COP27 Global Student Declaration by Global Student Forum.
This Global Student Declaration calls for urgent action on climate justice. It seeks the eyes and ears of world leaders, decision makers and those in power to recognise the injustice of the climate crisis and take action, to deliver on climate justice. It seeks solutions to the climate crisis which acknowledge that those who are least responsible, are facing the impacts of anthropogenic climate change faster and to a far greater extent than those who have financially and politically benefited.
Declaration of School Student Rights - Modified GA 2023
Tags: #Declaration #SchoolStudent #Rights
Guidelines Evaluation and quality assurance of Education - 8th ESSC - 2013
Tags: #Guidelines #Evaluation #quality #assurance #Education
Resolution New Skills for New Schools - Education and Training and Work - 2012
Tags: #Resolution #Skills #Schools #Education #Training #Work
Resolution The Future of Education in Europe 4th European School Stundent Convention - 2008
Tags: #Resolution #Future #Education #European #SchoolStundent #Convention
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