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The Generation d-Liberation project is an initiative in the framework of the European Parliament DG COMM work for the Conference on the Future of Europe. It run since April 2021 until June 2022 and its main aim is to give tools to young people, and particularly school students - both in general and VET education - to be able to discuss the future of Europe and the role they want to play in it, with specific regards to the fields of: addressing climate change, the right to quality education, jobs for young people, mental health and minority rights and inclusion. This was done both through facilitated deliberations in different European countries (Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Ireland) as well as by any young person who receives the methodology that the project will develop. All ideas were collected online and served as a basis for recommendations to members of the European Parliament who will represent the student perspective on the Conference on the Future of Europe. Partners all have a great deal of experience, either working as a student representation body or in the domain of democracy, participation and deliberation.


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