OBESSU has great news to share with you!

Between the 23rd and the 29th of March, we kicked off the first activity of the project School Student Rights Reloaded (SSRR): the ABC of School Student Rights

Want to know more? The SSRR is a one year project that we are carrying out with the support and help of our Members. The aim of the project is to revise the School Student Rights Declaration, an important policy document that has been created by OBESSU and its Member Organisations 15 years ago, and that it is now time to revise and use as a tool to advocate for students' rights.

The national and European context has changed a lot in the past years, after the economic crisis and especially the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. That’s why through a series of events in different countries, school students will have the chance to propose recommendations and work together with the Coordination Team of the project on a new version of the School Student Rights Declaration that will tackle the problems that school students suffer from on a daily basis. 

The event had two different objectives: the Coordination Team, the team composed of 4 student representative from OBESSU organisations and that is in leading the Work Plan, met for the first time and discussed how to structure the rest of the year and the activities that will take place at the national level. Second, OBESSU’s Pool of Trainers had the chance to meet and learn more about Human Rights, how to foster student and youth engagement, how to facilitate policy discussions and many other important topics, especially the disucssions around the revision of the Declaration.

At the end of the event, the Coordination Team and the Pool of Trainers had the opportunity to meet again to design together the events where students will be able to reflect and propose recommendations for the new School Students Right Declaration. 

We have taken the first step, but the journey is still long. What's next? In the next months, OBESSU’s Members will consult their membership and discuss and review the Declaration to make it a relevant and up-to-date tool from the student perspective. If you are hungry for students' rights like us, keep following our steps!