OBESSU is launching a Call for Action for the commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the International Students’ Dayhappening on the 17th of November 2019. To remember the origins of the student movements and the relevance of our actions, every year we make this day central in our current campaigns for school students’ rights and for a fairer education for all. 

This 17th November marks 80 years since the student protests of Prague, a determinant event in the history of the student movement. In 1939, eight students and a professor were murdered in a crackdown on students protests by the invading Nazi regime, 1200 other protestors were sent to their deaths in concentration camps. As representatives of School Student Unions from all over Europe, OBESSU feels the need to remember the sacrifice of all these people, students and education workers, killed for their fight for freedom.  

With this year's campaign, we are starting a recognition process of the 17th of November as the official International Student’s Day as well as show the relevance and social impact of our work.
To achieve the highest success, we need your support! 

How can you support and join the campaign? 

  1. Send us a short video of you reading an article of our Declaration of School Student Rights and answering one of these questions: 

  • What the 17th of November means to you? 
  • Why school student unions are so essential?  
  • How school student activism changed your life? 

Make sure to use the guidelines below. Once ready, you can send your video to secretariat@obessu.org. Please send it by the 13th of November at the latest. 

  1. Co-sign the campaign as soon as possible via email at 17now@obessu.org. 

  2. Starting from the 17th of November, use OBESSU communication materials to promote the campaign on your social media channels and website, use the hashtags #17Now and #InternationalStudentsDay and tag @OBESSU. 

The campaign will be running from the 17th of November 2019 until the 6th of December when we will conclude it with our membership in Brussels, Belgium. 

We hope you will accept the invitation to join the campaign and make it become true! 

Guidelines for video making with a smartphone: 

  • While recording, make sure to use the landscape orientation. 

  • Think about stabilisation, be as steady as possible, ask someone else to record you or use a tripod or simply rest your phone on a support. 

  • Choose a quiet location and speak as clearly as possible. 

  • Think about lighting when you choose a location. 

  • Your video should not exceed 1m 30s, be concise! 

  • Send your video by email at secretariat@obessu.org. If the file is too big, please use WeTransfer

  • Deadline: 13th November