Peer Education  Peer Education is „teaching“ fellow students – people of our own generation. The style of „teaching“ is different as the peer doesn't fulfill the traditional role of a teacher. Peer Education can be complementory to school education. Take advantage of the fact that we are in the same or in a similiar situation as the students who take part in peer programs. Peer Education is in many cases more profund and personal than traditional education. Within school student organisation PE does always take place either on formal and also in informal level.   HRE HRE has a formal and a practical part for us. It is important to learn about the Human Rights on a formal level and also link it with our very own reality. Students should understand the full importance of HR. On the other hand we think it is important to actually „use“ human rights and make school a safe environment where everyone is aware of the importance of HR and respect HR in our every day life. It is important for students to be able to detect violation of HR and teach them not to tolerate and learn how to react to it.