On 27 January, OBESSU welcomed Juanma Baez in the Office, the new Project and Policy Officer for the European Changemaker Academy (ECMA). Juanma studied economics in Spain and has worked in European Networks for the last two years in the fields of education and volunteering.

In his previous placements he focused on projects related to validation of skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning as well as social inclusion. Nonetheless, policy work had a very relevant role in his previous experiences, where the monitoring of the latest developments to disseminate them afterwards complemented his advocacy work.

Juanma will work on the implementation of the ECMA project that aims to empower young people to become changemakers in their own community, fostering active participation on the local level as well as belonging to the European community. These aims will be achieved through the mentorship of youngsters that will, once trained, disseminate the programme throughout the EU.

On a more personal note, Juanma will do his best to bring the Spanish cuisine closer to the OBESSU secretariat with his (humble) cooking skills while putting his efforts in picking up with all the languages spoken in the office.

You can contact Juanma whenever you need at juanma@obessu.org