Last week, on the 17th of November, students from all over the world stood together to celebrate the International Students’ Day 2017!

OBESSU has a very long history in defending school students’ rights and in bringing forward initiatives that commemorate the struggles of many generations of young people for a free, quality education. The International Students’ Day was one of these occasions!

This year, we raised awareness on how economic costs related to education threaten the universal right to education. Education systems all over the world often place a high financial burden on students and their families, building barriers to full access to education.

In order to fight this worrying trend, we launched the #GenerationFreeEducation campaign, calling on decision-makers to abolish any costs related to education and to ensure full access to the right of education!  

The campaign focused on five specific aspects, summarised in the following demands:

  • Free quality school meals for all school students;
  • Full funding for transportation costs for school students;
  • Free school materials for school students;
  • Proper financial support for the accommodation of school students;
  • Full funding for digital devices used for educational purpose inside the school or at home.

Our action received the support of 29 international and national student, youth and civil society organisations from Europe and beyond (please find the entire list at the end of the Global Call for Action)! It was a very successful campaign, with lots of visibility and participation on social media. Just to give you some numbers, our specific hashtags #GenerationFreeEducation and #17Now, together with the more general one #InternationalStudentsDay have reached more than 3 million users in one day!      

The closing event of the campaign was organised in the framework of the OBESSU Council of Members – COMEM, in Prague the historical birthplace of the International Students’ Day. Representatives from our Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations from more than 18 European countries met in the Czech capital for a two-day statutory meeting.

The COMEM, together with the General Assembly, is the highest decision-making body of our platform. We take this opportunity to thank all the delegates for such fruitful and passionate discussions on our political platform, working groups, upcoming activities and projects... in other words, on the future of OBESSU and school student activism!

Special thanks also to our Czech Member Organisation Česká středoškolská unie (CSU) who helped us organise this wonderful event!

You can find the Global Call for Action and campaign’s visual materials here. But, wait... what about some pictures of the COMEM? Check them out on our Facebook page!