After visiting Sarajevo, the Light on the Right Bus Tour arrived in Serbia on Tuesday, 19 October 2010. The representatives of OBESSU were greeted in Belgrade by the members of the second school students of Serbia, UNSS. They had prepared an interesting performance that was planned to be held in the Main Square of Belgrade, but, due to adverse weather conditions, it was moved to the Art Center at the last minute.

On the occasion of the Serbian stop of the OBESSU Bus Tour, in fact, UNSS had organised a creative acting performance in which two school systems were compared: the Serbian school system of twenty years ago and the current one, that is after the democratic changes in 2000.

The group of students was showing how the typical school class has changed during this twenty years, and in particular after the last changes of the Education Law. Today's Education Law gives second school students the right to vote in the School Board and, thus, to be involved in decision making processes in their school! This latest development in the involvement of school students, is greatly affecting the typical class and the typical school day, since students are now considered as equal actors and can have a voice on school matters!

In addition to the theater performance, UNSS had also organised an exhibition of pictures portraying student actions that took place in more than 50 cities of Serbia within the Light on the Right campaign in 2009. Visitors could see how students were promoting their new right to vote in School Board.

The OBESSU Bus Tour stop was, therefore, a great occasion for Serbian school students to show to a wider public the important change that has occurred in Serbia thanks to the new Education Law and to encourage school students to never stop fighting for their rights!