Hello everyone,

I am Silvia and I joined OBESSU on the 8th of April as the new Communications Assistant. Until October the 3rd, I will be working hand in hand with the communications team to help them spread OBESSU’s message and boost its presence across channels.

During the past years, I have been connected to civil rights and cooperation through the European Solidarity Corps. There, I have had the chance to engage in activities striving to enhance the values of solidarity, respect for human dignity and rights, and pluralism as a volunteer worker.

I expect my journey in OBESSU to be not only a golden opportunity to put to practice and develop professional skills, but also to get acquainted with the students union realm and foster the promotion of an inclusive and democratic education, as well as contributing to the development of an active citizenship through education.

I am eager to learn from the entire team and contribute to its mission.

You can find me at silvia@obessu.org!