OBESSU recently participated in the EuCARE session at the AREVIR conference. EuCARE is a project answering an emergency call from the European Union to tackle the COVID-19 epidemics and its variants.

But EuCARE is not just about the science of the virus, it’s also looking into how school closures and preventive measures during the pandemic have affected student’s psychological wellbeing and learning.

The AREVIR conference was a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge and the birth of innovative ideas. An overview of EuCARE’s mission and achievements was presented during the session, which ignited dynamic discussions among the attendees.

OBESSU’s collaboration with EuCARE is crucial because the project puts students’ rights first, making sure student’s voices are heard and their physical and mental wellbeing is prioritized.

Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration!