My name is Rui and I am the new Governance and Capacity Building Officer at OBESSU. I started this new journey on the 18th of March and I will be mostly focusing on membership (working closely with the member organisations and with the Board), some projects (like the EPiC one) and capacity building (particularly with the Pool of Trainers).

I come from Portugal and I have long been involved in youth policies, especially at the local and at the European level, involved as a participant, as a trainer and as a youth worker. During the last couple of years, I have been working with different municipalities in Portugal in the implementation of youth policies at the local level and particularly in the development of European projects.

My contact with OBESSU started in 2017 when, during my high school and as the president of its students union, I worked with other colleagues to create a Portuguese federation of students unions. At that time, I took part in some OBESSU events, including the 2017 Summer School.

I am extremely motivated to take on this new challenge and to be able to help OBESSU and its members develop a stronger work in the fight for school students rights in the verge of the 50 years of the organisation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at!