“I think we are going in the right direction, we are going to focus more on young people. I see that a lot of concerns are rising, so I think that young people are going to get heard more, get a bigger voice, which is a good thing.”✨

Morten O’Nell, is a 17-year-old high school student from LH, our Member Organisation from Denmark. He is one of the many participants at the latest Generation D-Liberation student assembly in Brussels. 

During the assembly we discussed many topics. We came up with some recommendations that we think are essential for students when we talk about the Future of Eurpe. We want:

- Simpler international participation procedures.

- More accessible resources.

- Make students’ councils mandatory at all levels.

- More unions for young people and more space to underrepresented countries.

“I see Europe as becoming more connected, especially for young people within Europe. Europe has so many differences, but also so many things in common. Together we can make more of an impact than as individuals." says Le'Shae Woodstock, the International Officer of our Member Organisation NSoA.

In OBESSU we recognise and value the strenghts of having a space to connect and make our voices heard. We need more spaces where students voices are represented and finally listened!

Generation D Liberation works to engage young people on the topic of Europe and support them with the resources they need to form their vision and make it heard!

It is a project in partnership with Humans in the EU, Alliance4Europe , European Alternatives, Citizens take over Europe, SV-Bildungswerk e.V. and Unione Degli Studenti.

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