In May 2019, the European Parliament Elections will take place, however, they are still not accessible to all young people either due to their age or their citizenship status. Moreover, it seems that interest in the EP elections is low. Reasons, which can vary between lack of knowledge of the EU policy and decision making, lack of understanding of what impact the EU has on one’s life or on national and local policies. Feeling that the EU is far from you might discourage people from engaging. For some, however, engagement is not possible even if they would like to, due to social, economic and geographical barriers. People with migrant or refugee status cannot take part in elections, including the EP elections. This excludes them from participation in a process which has a direct impact on their lives, such as residency status, access to education and labour market or social rights.

With this campaign, we would like to empower school students by helping them understand democratic and participatory processes and encourage them to take part by means that are accessible to them. A specific focus is given to school students with migrant and refugee backgrounds.

For this purpose, we created a toolkit that gathers ideas and examples of activities that can be organised to familiarise oneself more with the EU, elections and democratic processes in general.

Every week, we will share facts and figures about the EU and the European Parliament elections as well as demands from our Manifesto, based on specific topics identified by our member organisations as priorities in education for the next European Parliament mandate.

The next European Parliament Elections will take place in 2024. By then, we want the EU to be a school student’s EU that takes into consideration school student’s needs and aspirations.

How can you support and join the campaign?

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  • Spread the word! 

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  •  Share your activities or best practices on democratic participation with OBESSU!