The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) stands in solidarity with the on-going demonstrations, protests and grassroots movements developed in response to the continuously increasing threats to environmental protection. School students have been peacefully active across the globe for the past months, and the global climate movement led by students is growing stronger each week. Inactivity by the political establishment across the world is leading our generation into an uncertain future of increasing temperatures, more unpredictable weather and irreversible damage to our natural resources.  We stand up and say this apathy is NOT acceptable.

School students demonstration in Brussels on 24.01.2019We can create societies with a high standard of living for all whilst protecting our planet. Firstly the ability to change and build for the future lies in each individual’s hands. Changing one’s day-to-day habits can contribute to a more sustainable society, however only at the condition that decision-makers facilitate and encourage these changes. Efficient and affordable public transport and proper recycling facilities ensure that individuals make these daily changes. Nowadays, the world’s consumption is unsustainable and a fairer division of resources and responsibility for waste is needed, now. A more global approach to sustainable development education is needed for individuals to understand this.

The environment concerns us all; the actions we take today will determine the environment inherited by future generations. For this and many other reasons, OBESSU asks every individual to raise awareness and hold their peers to account.

OBESSU calls on national authorities to be aware of and take action against the negative consequences deriving from insufficient regulation of environmental protection. Industry operating without legal responsibilities towards the environment can use any environmentally irregulated space to have a more substantial profit, paying no regards to the environment or damage to human health. Whereas there are increasingly more admirable companies contributing to positive change, the previous industrialised centuries caused enormous damage thus our actions are still insufficient. Global, enforced and monitored change is needed. To ensure this, students and more generally youth need to be consulted and included in civil society and politics on a local, national and international level. OBESSU supports environmentalists and urges everyone to listen to their demands and take appropriate (complying to sustainable development) legal actions.

The fight for the environment has been very visible among School Student Unions.  OBESSU applauds the devoted student activists who are taking the initiative for change and are advocating for environmental protection. As mentioned before, the environmental protection concerns us all. Therefore, we encourage every School Student to take an active part in the nearest environmental movements and stand in solidarity with peers all around the globe.

Download the pdf of the reaction here