End of the year is always a good moment to sum up what has been done and to set up plans for the new year. A few weeks ago we published an article about the first projects we selected within "Seeds for integration" programme. It's time to extend the list and announce the second round of approved projects. So, here they are:

Pillar 1 (projects in which organisations directly work with students with refugee and migrant background):  

  • Confederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Estudiantes (CANAE), Spain
  • SV-Bildungswerk e.V. (SVB), Germany

Pillar 2 (projects in which our Member Organisations help us spread the word about #S4I and build the capacities of school student councils, local and regional unions of school students):  

  • Stredoškolská študentská únia Slovenska (SUS), Slovakia

Pillar 3 (joint partnership projects between secondary school and university students which also include direct work with students with refugee and migrant background):

  • Irish Secondary Students’ Union (ISSU), Ireland
  • Rete degli Studenti Medi Veneto (RSM), Italy
  • Second chance school of Volos, Greece

You also have an idea which you want to realise? Don't wait any longer because all pillars are currently open. Go to https://seedsforintegration.org/apply/ and submit your proposal!