During the days between 23rd and 26th November 2018, OBESSU held an Evaluation weekend, that took place in Thalwil, Switzerland.

Attendees of the Evaluation meeting met on Friday, 23rd November in Thalwil and started their weekend by getting to know each other and catching up with their old friends from Obessu-land. Half of the attendees were representatives of European School Student Organisations (that also attended OBESSU Summer school, which took place in Hlohovec, Slovakia this August) while the other half was represented by members of OBESSU’s Pool of Trainers that worked on the Workplan since their Workforce meeting. We were also accompanied by OBESSU board member Rob, and secretariats members Judit and Šarka.

On the first day of the evaluation meeting we went through the entire We are inclusive, aren’t we work plan and remembered the past events - Taskforce meeting and Summer School, held from 30th July to 5th August in Hlohovec, Slovakia, we then evaluated the follow up phase and talked about the future of this work plan. Summer school attendees and pool of trainer members also presented the previous work through fun activities, which helped both to understand what the other group was working on and what is their role in shaping this output.

We soon started constructing how the final outcome will look like - our goal was to set up a self-assessment tool and a webpage that would help school student organisations to become more inclusive in an interactive and fun, yet productive and educating, way. It was harder than we thought it will be, but we have come to a consensus and continued our work through the next day when we shaped the final output. Each group, consisting of a PoT member and a school student union representative, worked on a certain part of the output - from how the webpage will look like, to the parts of the self-assessment tool and the documents and files organisations will receive in order to help them become more inclusive.

Time wasn’t our friend and the end of the weekend and of our meeting was getting closer and closer, but luckily all the attendees agreed on continuing their work from home, so we weren’t scared of not getting the work done in the best possible way we could.

On Sunday evening we officially closed the Evaluation meeting, happy and positive about the output and the future of it. We cannot wait to share the tool with you and hope you are joining us on our path of becoming even more inclusive as we already are!

Written by Lucija Karnelutti, participant to the Evaluation Meeting