Between the 1-4 August, the Summer School: Opening Doors 2017 organised by Lithuanian School Students‘ Union (LMS) and Estonian School Student Councils‘ Union (ESCU) in the framework of Seeds for Integration programme was held in Palanga, Lithuania. Participants with various socioeconomic backgrounds gathered to expand their knowledge in the field of immigration and integration of ethnical minorities. We would like to thank all the School Students‘ from Lithuania and Estonia for taking part in it.

The aim of the project was to raise awareness on the integration of migrants and ethnical minorities. The project had also an objective to create a particular outcome, based on the national realities, that will be directly implemented in the political platform of each School Students‘ Union.

Participants, regardless of the ethnicity, religious background or gender, have been involved in the same activities. The first day of the Summer School was dedicated to breaking the barriers between participants and prep-team members. They have also been acquainted with the project in details through ESCU and LMS using non-formal methods. The activities during this one week had a clear flow aiming to expand the academical knowledge, transmission of inputs from participants and the implementation and creation of the outcome. Project participants have also been provided with the free of charges guided tour around the city of Palanga and the excursion to Japanese gardens. Needless to say, participants had astonishing discussions during the coffee breaks and the free time.

The project would not have had as much success if it had not  been for the experienced and contributory prep-team: Edvardas Vabuolas, Laura Masiliauskaitė, Laurynas Puidokas, Audra Skuodaitė, Emilija Ivašauskaitė, German Skuja, Marcus Ehasoo, Laura M. Kull and Joosep Kään.  

After an intensive but exciting week, we are certain, that each participant has taken at least a piece of worldview-changing experience. Next year, organisers (LMS and ESCU) promise to place all of their efforts for the Summer School: Opening Doors 2017 to happen again.

All the photos from the event can be found here!

Written by Edvardas Vabuolas, LMS International Officer