It is time to get our Education up to date!

In doing so Adela Kundrátová (CSU), Naira Čamdžić (ASuBiH), Veikka Ormio (SLL), Anna Weinrich (DGS) and Patricia Villa (CANAE) will be reflecting on the state of curricula and methodologies in educational systems in Europe. They will count on Rares Voicu (OBESSU Board) and Juanma Baez’s (OBESSU Secretariat) support! 

This new Working Group on the 21st Curricula has just started its work which, among other tasks, will consist of compiling research and information about innovative approaches to curricula and methodologies, analysing good practices from all over Europe and, of course, reflecting the opinions of students and OBESSU’s Member Organisations in a final Policy Paper on this topic. 

The WG members -who have an extensive experience in school activism- are highly motivated, since this is a topic that directly affects all of them.  ‘At least in Finland, in subjects such as Social Science, you study for the exam and then you forget everything you have supposedly learned’, said Veikka (SLL) in one of their first online meetings. This is just one example of a way of assessment that does not work and, unfortunately,  it is one of the most used by teachers. ‘It is not only about what you teach but also how you do it’, stated Adela (CSU). Hence, the methodology is another big field in which the members of this team will have to go deeper. 

However, it is not only these structural matters -e.g. assessment, methodology and curricula - that will be discussed but also the values that should inspire the whole educative system: ‘A diverse society like today’s needs inclusive spaces and, consequently, inclusive Education’, assured Patricia (CANAE).

We have the opportunity to take the floor and speak up about what we want to be changed. It is now the moment for drafting the Education that we want, that we truly need and that all students deserve. Let’s do it!

If you have any questions or proposals, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at