European School Student Cooperation

This publication is aimed for use by school students who wish to become more involved on a European level. It was created by participants of OBESSU’s “European School Students’ Cooperation” event from 3-8 March 2018 in Gdansk, Poland. This event and publication were financed by the VISEGRAD fund.

Coloured Glasses - Manual for Intercultural & Global Citizenship Education

The Coloured Glasses - Manual for Intercultural & Global Citizenship Education is a publication created by European Educational Exchanges - Youth for Understanding (EEE-YFU), with whom OBESSU is cooperating in a two-year project (2017 – 2018) called “Coloured Glasses: Expanding Intercultural Education”.

The Manual for School Students

The Manual, written BY and FOR school students, is a journey throughout the creation of a democratic school student organisation, imagined as a space trip in the “school student universe”. Readers will jump on a “space rocket” and travel through communication strategies, democratic decision-making, policy influencing and mobilisation processes, as well as through networking, economic sustainability and event organising. The 4 chapters are simple and easy-to-read, adapted to every student and accompanied by examples, powerful pictures and graphics.

This Manual has been printed thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign!

EU Education Policy - A short guide

Many young people, and specifically school students, feel very far from the European Union Institutions. Attempts and efforts are being done to bring both parts together, but with difficult results. This booklet aims at helping young people and school students to understand the European Union structure and decision-making, as well as identifying what are the spaces where they can influence and participate.

A Joint Vision for Secondary and Higher Education for All in Europe

OBESSU, together with European Students’ Union (ESU) and Education International (EI) developed a joint statement in relation to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 related goals, which the United Nations adopted in September 2015. Now the result of this work is here!

Toolbox for young campaigners on Vocational Education and Training

In 2012 OBESSU launched a campaign called “Claim your Voice!” which tackled aspects of Vocational Education and Training (VET). In the framework of the campaign, due to the relevance of the topic, OBESSU also coordinated a Youth in Action project for young campaigners on VET, called “YOUVET Training”. The project aimed to raise awareness and promote activism between young people in order to run advocacy and lobbying campaigns for and with VET students. During the training, student activists shaped contents and shared best practices which were then processed and gathered in this toolbox: a collection of practical ideas, information and concrete tools each school student activist or trainer can use when dealing with Vocational Education and Training.

Guidelines for Inclusion Education - Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

This publication was developed and updated during a joint IGLYO-OBESSU study session. Standing together: action and advocacy against bullying took place at the Council of Europe’s European Youth Centre in Budapest in March 2014, bringing together over 35 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth and student activists and school student activists from across Europe to develop strategies and methods to create the most inclusive educational environment possible.

The Declaration of School Student Rights

OBESSU proclaims this Declaration of School Student Rights as a common standard for all educational systems. As a matter of educational and social justice, the Declaration shall promote the end that all actors in the educational community and wider society uphold their duty to ensure the effective observation and recognition of school students’ rights. The declaration of the inalienable rights set forth herein shall promote respect for school students and further the cause of school students in their struggle to realise and maintain their rightful place in school and in society. The declaration was adopted in July 2006 by the General Assembly of OBESSU held in Ohrid, Macedonia

A Manual for school students translated in Macedonian

This is the translation into Macedonian of the Manual for School Students that has been written in 2006 to introduce school students to the work of a school student union with all its different aspects.

Educational Roadmap

School Students' Europe 2019 OBESSU asked four parties, currently holding the most seats in the European Parliament to share their vision when it comes to education. With this overview we want to give a non-partisan insight on European Parties positions in education.

Case study: Hidden costs in education

As “Education, we have a problem!”, the OBESSU campaign on social inclusion, looked at hidden costs in education (among other topics), OBESSU decided to conduct a case study on exactly this to show how hidden costs affect school students' access to quality education in European countries.

Education at 360 Guidelines

Guidelines for evaluation and quality assurance of education.

Toolkit#1 for EPEP

Practical toolkit including: How to plan a campaign for the European Parliament elections 2014? What about the EU?

Toolkit#2 for EPEP

Practical toolkit including national advocacy, EU strategies, voting systems and relevant links!
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