Good Practices

Good Practices

In 2018 Obessu´s workplan focused on making School Student Unions more inclusive as we believe it is important that each member of our society can equally engage and participate in our social activities. Thus, the aim of this section is to share some good practice examples that you could use in your own organisation to become as inclusive as possible and to make your organisation accessible for everyone so that every student can make their voice heard.

Let's get All-inclusive

One of our Candidate organisations- UEM- from Moldova, organised an event called ´Let’s get All-inclusive´ with its main goal being promoting social inclusion among students, so that they work as multipliers, spreading the word about this issue. The event contained different activities that aim for waking up the empathy and compassion in the participants so that they get motivated to take initiative in their own communities to become more inclusive.

ISSU Workshops

ISSU from Ireland organised workshops in 5 different regions in Ireland to make it possible for everyone to attend one. The workshops’ objectives were to build inclusive schools and open up ISSU to a wider diversity of members.

ISSU Discussion panel

Another activity organised by ISSU was a panel discussion with different representants of minorities groups that also enhanced the process of raising awareness on social inclusion

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